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Why do prices not match?

This issue is most commonly caused when prices are adjusted but have not been updated on all sites yet. If you see this issue lasting for more than 24 hours after a price adjustment, there may be an issue with your inventory feed. This issue also may be caused by prices pulling from different fields in your DMS.

Why do I see certification mismatches?

Certification mismatches occur when a unit is marked as "certified" on one or more sources and "not certified" on another. This issue is common right after a unit is uploaded for the first time or if there is an issue in the inventory feed. To resolve, verify your inventory data is being pushed correctly or reach out to the administrator of the incorrect source and determine if the certification is improperly being marked for some or all units.

Why are mileages mismatched?

The most common cause of a mileage discrepancy is human error or an adjustment made by certain third-party vendors. Some vendors will temporarily adjust odometer mileage by 5-10 miles above or below the actual vehicle reading. This issue typically resolves itself within 24 hours, but may continue longer. If issue is not resolved within a day, you may need to reach out to the third party vendor for assistance.

What are duplicates?

A duplicate unit occurs when a vehicle has two or more listings on the same site. This typically happens when two different units are assigned the same stock number or when a single vehicle is entered more than once. This issue may also occur during a website update as old data is replaced with the latest listings.

Why do I see zero missing images but I know some units have no pictures?

This feature is only able to check if each unit has images or not. If your organization uploads custom placeholder images, this feature may not reflect an accurate count because any uploaded image is counted.

How do I view additional departments or dealerships?

If your account has been granted permission to view multiple instances such as new and pre-owned inventory or multiple dealerships, click the dealership name to view all available instances.

Why is my Lexus inventory count so small on my dealer website?

Lexus deduplicates inventory in an effort to provide a more homogenous shopping experience for guests. This means that dealers with many similar units may be restricted to displaying just a few matching units on their site but full inventory on third party sites.